Top ways in which escorts make a living

There are various ways in which escorts or call girls make a living. An escort can work for a registered escort agency, set herself up in business (typical of high class escorts) and work on the streets. The risk and the pay an escort gets regardless of how they have set up themselves vary mostly depending on the type of work they are doing and the city they are working in. Most escorts who work for agencies are probably inexperienced and young. In addition, such escorts are probably working part time for their respective escort agencies. Such call girls are always on a call. If they are not available, the escort agency they work for picks up a different girl, and if there is no work, the escort is not paid.

For escorts who work for agencies, they can find this a great arrangement since most of them are not sure whether this is what they want to do and are still young for the job. However, one thing with call girls who work for agencies is that most of them only work for a few months and move on to be independent escorts. Typically, escorts who work for agencies get paid 40% to 60% of the fee received from clients, and the rest is kept by the agencies. For anybody who is serious about being a call girl or escorting in general as a profession, the best way in which the escort will make a lot of money is by becoming independent. They can do this by having their own website, market themselves online and create their own fan base or clients. The majority of elite escorts do this for a living.

Many women who join the escorting profession join it as an alternative job or second career. They become vip escorts because their job situation is somewhat frustrating. By joining the escort profession, they become entrepreneurs and start their own escort services. Being an independent escort is also rewarding since a beginner, or mid-range call girl who has her own fan base and clients can make between $200 and $500 an hour. If the escort is established in a big city such as London, the escort will make between $300 and $800 an hour. Most established escorts base their fee on how much a high-end lawyer in a given city is paid. If a lawyer is paid $500 an hour, this is the amount of money the escort will charge per hour.

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