What to expect from a good high class escort agency

What to expect from a good high class escort agency


The high class escort agency you pick can make or break your first escorting experience. Pick a good one and you’ll go through a once in a lifetime experience, packed with fun, excitement and pleasure. Pick a bad one and you’ll be cursing the day you first thought about going out with a high class escort. To make it easier for you to pick a good agency, other than the customary link to a very good site, today we’ll be telling you about the things you should expect when you book with the right people.

The prices of a good high class escort agency


It is of paramount importance to realise that a good high class escort agency will always have fair prices. To elaborate, we’re aware that, for many, almost all prices of great high class escort agencies will seem too steep. They start in the hundreds of pounds per hour and can even go up to a thousand or more. However, what you need to keep in mind is that the rates of an escort must reflect her quality of services. Thus, when you make the booking, make sure you escort looks the part. Look at the pictures carefully and, when you get to the booking, if she doesn’t look just like that, you should just leave. Don’t let money exchange hands if you are unsure of the quality of services you’ll receive.


A wealth of information


From the experience of yours truly, a really good high class escort agency has absolutely no reason to withhold information. The model profiles will contain all relevant information and, should you require additional data, it should be forthcoming over the phone or through emails. If you feel like they have something to hide, it probably means that they’re not a good agency, or that they have the wrong person on the job. Either way, get out! But keep in mind that the information you ask should be relevant to the booking, to the agency or to the escort herself. Don’t ask for crazy stuff.


And these are the tips about picking a good high class escort agency that I wanted to share today. What do you guys think? Do you have anything to add that would make things easier for other rookie escort lovers?

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