Booking an elite models escort from London

Booking an elite models escort from London



Hey guys! My name is Jack and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. From this short introduction, you might be thinking what the bloody hell do I have to do with elite models escort services from London or the UK? And I would say that you are right to ask me that. Up until 3 years ago, I did have nothing to do with them, but now I’m what you might call an expert, even though I haven’t been to your wonderfully rainy city in quite some time.

My first time with elite models escort services in London


As I’ve mentioned before, my first time with an elite models escort from London happened around 3 years ago. I was here for a week and it was an experience that marked me forever. I was already used to the escorting services available back home, so I found it easy enough to book a nice gal here. I found a hot, fiery, dark-haired Brazilian lass that showed me what a good time really means. We only spent a couple of hours together at first, but she more than convinced me that I wanted to see her again. However, the next time I booked her, I also hired one of her friends and offered myself the chance to make some of my fantasies come true.

For the next week or so, I spent more time with the two girls than without them. Their services were amazing and of much higher quality than what I usually find back then. Since then, I’ve had a piece of London visit me at least once every couple of months.

As you lot should already know by now, if you fancy a beautiful, high class bird from London but you can’t be bothered to travel yourself, you can get her to come to you. There are various details that need to be sorted out of course, and you’ll usually have to pay for her journey and things like that but, at least for me, it’s more than worth it. I’ve been to many parts of the world, but I’ve never found escorting services that are as good as what I can get from London. What do you guys think? Is London the best place in the world when it comes to elite models escort services or do you know anything better?

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